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Introduction: The old way of thinking brought back to life


Join me for a good read today. Read short stories that I designed for you, my readers, in mind. Here you will find information about how to live within a society that has changed to the point of increasing problems and less human contact. Technology seems to be taking the place of humanity everywhere. These stories will help you to revert to a time when people interacted with others and didn’t spend all of their time on their phones. You will find common sense used within these stories and old school thought throughout.

I believe if we work together, we can bring back a time when people were good neighbors and were willing to help when help was needed. With a different thought pattern, our children will find more to do than play video games all day long. Let’s put society back into our thoughts and make a handshake, once again, mean something. Together these things are more than possible, they will become probable. I alone can’t make all the changes that are needed, but I can help with suggestions through my words.

The only thing I ask of you is to have an open mind while reading. If you can do that, I promise, you will learn a great deal. Thank you for joining me in the process of bringing old school thought back into today’s society. For those that would rather listen to these stories, I have installed text to speech for your convenience. Please enjoy these and don’t be afraid to comment at the bottom of each story or contact me by email [joinme@readcsi.com] Remember, we are all in this together.

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Typing very fast on old typewriter. Writing short stories to help my readers with society.
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Short Stories and Education begin here: Cheers

Perspectives and Perceptions throughout society

I believe if we were to look at the other person’s perception and perspective, we could learn to live a more peaceful existence.

C.S.I blog origins

I needed something to keep my mind busy and off my pain. Finally I starting writing a little.

She said yes

I bought her a house She made me a home She gives of herself I’ve no need to roam I give her my seed She gives me a child I pound on my chest She calms me with smile I’m never in dark She is my light If not for her, mess I’d be I… Continue Reading →

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