Old School Thought (CSI)

Old school thought is very important. Remember, “You can’t inspire others until you inspire yourself“.

Short stories think, learn & Live using common sense (CSI) / old school thought

Girl with backpack walks across a bridge, heading to learn old school thought

Common-sense interaction {CSI} and old school thought are extremely important to society. We must all take others seriously. If someone is in need, we must help them. While this world spins round and round, we must learn from one another and all work together in harmony. We must put aside our prejudices and look for the strength in our fellow humans instead of looking down our noses at one another. If we could find a way to do this, then wars would not happen, and we could share in the peace that lies beyond. What a wonderful place this old world would be. Not just teaching and not just learning, but sharing in the responsibility of both, the learning and teaching each other. We are all born with special gifts and abilities, to keep these to ourselves is a foolish thing indeed. I believe common-sense can be taught and learned if we just give it a chance. Pulling out all the stops and returning to a time when respect was given as well as received is a dream, I have for you as well as myself. As you read my stories, I hope you will understand the concept of (CSI) Common Sense Interaction and why old school thought is necessary for us to regain that special something, we have put aside for way too long. Join with me in spreading the word and by passing this word, we can take back what we have lost so many years ago. I wish each one of you great blessings and I want you to remember, we are all in this together.

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