William (Billy) Scaggs -author-

     Billy Scaggs, author of Common Sense Interaction (C.S.I) served in the United States Navy as a Damage Control Man, welder and firefighter. As a Damage Control Man, he had many responsibilities, including running the Damage Control shop. He also was a lead man during General Quarters, along with taking over as fire chief when necessary. After finishing his term in the Navy, he went to work as an over the road truck driver. When his father passed away, he went to work at the same copper mine where his father worked as a mechanic and began to drive haul trucks. It wasn’t long until his responsibilities, once again,  blossomed into other jobs, including being a supervisor when one of his bosses called off. He has also been a crane truck driver, sign installer, truck driver trainer and plumber throughout his long working career.

     Billy Scaggs (author) was even the star on a television show, “HeavyMetalTaskForce” during  a term where he worked in another copper mine in Arizona. After an accident, which left him disabled, he was looking for his next step in life. He decided to start writing to keep his mind busy and for mental health reasons. Once he started writing, he found that he had a knack for helping others in society. His blog “Common Sense Interaction” started gaining followers and once again, he found himself with a new reason in life. Billy plans on continuing writing as long as he is helping others.

“I have no idea where I will end up from here, but I’m sure it will be interesting.”       

William (Billy) Scaggs

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