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Tips on Drawing on Your Inner Strength

Written by special guest Julia Mitchell of for Common-Sense Interaction.

Emerge Stronger and More Resilient Than Ever

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If your desire is to not only achieve more for yourself in this life, but also to grow in ways you never imagined, you’ll likely have to dig deep and draw strength from those reserves you never knew you had. Here are some helpful tips from on how to achieve that level of growth you always knew you were capable of.

Practice self-care more often

If you want to achieve more and be more, then you must be willing to put in the time to take care of yourself first. Some would even argue that without self-care, you aren’t likely to make it as far because you forget about the most crucial person in your growth journey – you!

Breaking out of your comfort zone

Perhaps the one thing that’s limiting you from achieving your dreams is your current career, in which case now may be the perfect time to step out to pursue that dream job you’ve always wanted. But first, you’ll probably have to think of redoing your resume to put your best self out there. Speaking of, you can create a phenomenal-looking resume from scratch with a resume builder if you’re stuck for inspiration. Just select a suitable template online and add your information, your photo, the relevant colors, etc.

Tidying up your home

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The condition of your home could also be something that’s hindering your personal growth due to bad energy that’s just sapping every ounce of creativity out of you. If this is the case, then it may be beneficial to rid your home of any bad energy by decluttering and tidying up to create a clutter-free, more inspirational environment.

Reaching for the stars

Suppose you feel like one of the few ways to achieve the growth you’ve never known before is to reach for the stars to test your true capabilities. For example, you may think that starting your own business is the key to your success. Furthermore, you’ll need to choose a business structure that has success written all over it, such as an LLC, for instance, because its benefits such as greater flexibility, lesser paperwork, and the fact that it has more tax advantages stand out to you as a recipe for success. Just be sure that if you decide to start an LLC, you check what the filing regulations are in your state, as the rules and requirements can change from place to place.

Thinking more positively

Focus on what you’re thinking about if you want to change the course of your future. While this may seem like a piece of advice that’s too good to be true, it is helpful advice that could end up fast tracking your quest for personal growth quicker than you thought possible. Moreover, thinking positively leaves little room to think negatively, something you should avoid if you don’t want to be held back.

Adopt better habits

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Suppose some habits in your life could be changed for the better, then you should focus on identifying these, so you can adapt and change them for the better. For example, you might find it challenging to get up on time, and the day just seems to slip away from you timewise. Then make it a habit to wake up earlier at the sound of your alarm clock, so you can get to more and be more productive during the day. Or perhaps it’s unhealthy eating that’s your downfall, or not exercising enough, in which case you need to take those steps towards a positive and healthier lifestyle. Reaching your goals growth-wise is sure to be quite the journey. But you’re likely to appreciate your efforts, especially when you emerge more robust, resilient, and capable than ever.

Ego; tiny word, LARGE implications

Why must we worry how others see us? Why can’t we just be who we are and be happy with it? I am and have been for awhile happy with who I am. I have issues just like everyone else but I put myself out there as who I am and don’t put on a show to please anybody. Just like “Popeye” I am who I am. If you like me, great! If you don’t like me, well that’s fine too. I’m not going to change to please you or anyone else. This may seem harsh to you but it’s true and I have become a much happier person for it. I try to keep that little word “Ego’ as small as I can and I believe that I am better for it.

People who have strong ego’s tend to be so into themselves that others mean nothing to them. For me, I will talk to everyone the same and not change depending on whom I’m talking with. I will treat you with the same respect as I will with anyone else. I have talked with many people who have been high up on the ladder of success as well as those whom are homeless and in despair. If you were to hear me talk with these different people, you will notice that my tone and words will flow the same for each.

The old saying goes, “We all put our pants on one leg at a time”. The gest of this is, no matter how important you think you are, you are no more important as the other person. You may find yourself in an important position in life that comes with more responsibility and the cudo’s that come with it. I am happy for you but I will still treat you with the same respect as anyone else. I’m not telling you this just to make a point, I truly am this way.

We Americans have a important saying that once was and is very important to most and hopefully to all of us again in the days to come. This saying is, “All men are created equal.” I take this very seriously and am not about to change for anybody. All of us were created in God’s image. Some don’t do this justice and it is a shame they don’t take this more seriously.

If you are someone whom has achieved great success, that is a great thing but don’t let your head get so big that it is hard to hold up. Whenever your ego becomes too big, there will be someone who will take away all that you have accomplished. Keep your ego in check and you can be a leader umungst leaders. However, allow that little word “ego” grow into a monster and you will lose in the long run.

I wish you all the success in the world and hope that you become a great leader in whatever you desire. Take care and Remember, we are all in this together.

Conquer and Succeed

The more you succeed, the more mountains you must conquer. This is true with anyone that has been successful. Once you climb a mountain to success, there is always another in front of you that must be conquered.

If you conquer one mountain and stop, are you successful? The answer to this riddle is no. Just because you have succeeded in one thing in life does not mean to lay down and stop where you are. This is not the meaning of a successful person.

A successful person never stops looking for opportunities to be more successful. This has nothing to do with money, however money usually follows.

Showing a person's hand writing equations including E=MC2
Don’t give up!

Take a person like Albert Einstein, he continued to work on ideas that have changed science until his dieing day. Even when he wasn’t working, as far as we could see, his brain was still in overdrive. Was all his ideas valid? Maybe not as we have found other ways to disrupt some of his ideas. Did he quit? Never!

There are many other examples which most of the time are just hard working people that never gave up. Pick a few billionaires out of the crowd to study and I will guarantee, they don’t quit.

If you succeed in something, take a minute to pat yourself on the back and then get back to work. If you do this, then the sky’s the limit. Or is it? Even if it’s just an idea that you are working out in your brain, keep it up.

I have no idea why this post came to me in the middle of the night. Maybe this is just for me or maybe one of you are having a hard time keeping the faith in your dream. I’m not sure, but there it is. If it’s for you you will know it. Keep knocking them mountains down and Remember, we are all in this together.

short stories

Failure is not an option

       I  cannot fail. Wow, Billy, that’s a bold statement! That’s right, let me say it again, I cannot fail. I mean every word of that statement, too. Let me see if I can explain why I stand by that bold statement. Through life, we have our ups and downs, our good days and bad. We have our successes and our what? Well, I just talked about no failures,  so what is the second part? Success and our learning curve (not failures).

     The only way that you and I can fail is if we give up. I cannot fail because I have learned not to give up! There is a saying, “We learn from our failures.” I say hogwash to that saying. My feelings are if it wasn’t a success the first, second or even the hundredth time then what do I need to do to make it successful?

      Therefore I am looking for an alternative to fix whatever the situation is I’m dealing with. It may be an hour, a day, a year or even years before I find the solution but I never quit! Until I find the solution to the problem at hand, I’m in training to learn all I can to fix it. I may be asking for help from someone that has more knowledge than me or looking up the solution on the internet but I’m still working on it.

Big tree standing by itself in a field

     A wise man once said “What is a oak tree but a acorn that held it’s ground?” That acorn didn’t give up even when the squirrel was hunting it to eat. Will you stand with me and wipe out failure? Say it with me “We cannot fail!! That is alot better than learning to live with failures I think. Until next time, remember, we are all in this together.