Age shows your past

Age can be a state of mind but it also shows on the body. There are people that age quicker than others. Some of this is due to genetics but most of it can and will show up because of the way we treat the body we are incased in. People that abuse drugs and alcohol are classic cases of showing age at a higher rate than normal. We are blessed with this container and yet we continue to destroy it. We are only going to have these bodies for a few short years so why do we continue to destroy them?

Elderly man sitting on couch with bottles of alcohol in front of him

Think of your body as a rental. When your time comes, what kind of shape will your body be in when it is returned to your maker? I myself have abused my body in ways that would make me lose my deposit if I had to return it today. The one thing that is good about our bodies is, for the most part, it can heal itself given enough time. Time though is relative and sometimes we don’t have enough for it to repair the damage that we have done.

So what are we to do? Your body is expected to take some wear and tear along the way. We are responsible to keep the wear and tear to a minimum. Our deposits will be given back as long as we keep up our end and not let our bodies fall completely apart.

Elderly man thinking

Now you know as well as I that we neither rented or put down a deposit for the bodies we are living in. But if we think along these lines of renting, maybe we won’t do quite the damage to them. Feeling good is a great feeling but it takes practice and determination to achieve. Maybe thinking before eating one more donut or drinking one more beer today will make you stop and think before consuming them in the future. Maybe mixing a bunch of chemicals together to put into our bodies for that quick high will no longer feel necessary. Think before you consume.

I am very guilty of many things in my life that has hurt this body of mine but I’m trying to do better. I’m not trying to tell you that what you are doing is wrong. I’m sharing with you in hopes that my downfalls will not fall upon you and others. If it doesn’t feel right before you do it, it’s probably not right.

Keep in mind that if you are one of the few that live to be a hundred, wouldn’t it be nice to have a body that works as though it is in its fifties? It all starts today. We can’t fix yesterday but we can change for tomorrow.

Elderly lady that has her hands up

Age in alot of ways is a state of mind. Let’s keep our bodies running along the same lines and live with that good feeling and not that broken down old creaking body that so many of us live with. We can’t help our genetics but we can adjust our abuse.

May the Lord bless you and keep you well. Remember, we are all in this together.

Enjoy the age you are

Enjoy the age you are. Life goes by quickly! It’s funny how the older you get how time goes by so much faster! Truth is, time stays the same but we change. The older we get, the more we pay attention to time. Why is this? I believe I have the answer.

My daughter walking across bridge

I was talking with my youngest daughter the other day and the subject of time came up. She is just becoming a teenager  this year and she said how she was scared to grow up. I gave her the Ole “Time goes faster as you get older.” She just stared at me. It hit me then, this is really something she wants to know and understand. I decided this was about to turn into a serious conversation that I’m not prepared to have.

How am I supposed to explain to a twelve going on thirteen year old what I mean. I myself didn’t start seeing it until I was in my forties. I’m still not real sure I understand the full complexity to this. I just feel, the older we become, the more things we have missed.

I decided to go with an approach that I have learned and hope that it helps my beautiful daughter, and hopefully others like her out there. I know we all have regrets, whether it be a job, girlfriend/boyfriend or even losing a friendship over something dumb. Whatever it may be, it still leads me to the same conclusion. I will try my best to explain this the way I explained it to her. She seemed to pick up on it and gain the understanding I was hoping for.

When we are young, the one thing we want more than anything is to grow up. Once we are grown, the one thing we want more than anything is to go back to being young again. We need to start enjoying the age we are now! It doesn’t matter if you are twelve, twenty-five or eighty-five. If you are twelve, enjoy being twelve because thirteen is just around the corner and you will never see twelve again.

When we become older, the only way to enjoy twelve again is through our children and our grandchildren. Maybe you will be fortunate enough to be around to enjoy your great grandchildren. Take full advantage of this because you will never be twelve again. On the flip side of that, enjoy what ever age you are now. If you are fifty, enjoy fifty because you will be fifty-one soon enough.

Middle aged couple looking over ocean

And for goodness sake, don’t look back at missed opportunities, look back at successes. Enjoy life now! We are only here for a little while. Don’t make yourself miserable over something that is long gone.

I hope this helps. Enjoy today and Remember, we are all in this together.