Dreams carry their own form of logic

If you control your dreams, you have all the answers you need

      My first question that I have for those that are reading this is, “Which one of these is the  most surprising statement to you? Is it the title or header for this post?” I ask this for a very good reason. Both of these statements stand very strong by themselves, but they also work very well together. Are you willing to open your mind and consider each of these statements by themselves, as well as combining them together to make a brand-new way of thinking? Are you willing to step outside your comfort zone to add a new perspective to the way you think if it will help you along this trip we call life? If you have said yes to either one of these questions or if curiosity has gotten the better of you, then read on. This will make you look at yourself and your thoughts in a way you may have never thought of before.

     If you are still reading, I will assume you want to know what this is all about. First, I want to say, I am not selling anything. I am not asking for anything from you other than your attention as I try to explain these two. These very different statements can be combined to make a better or maybe even, a smarter you.

Man and woman sleeping in bed (dreaming)

       Dreams have been studied and explained by some of the smartest people in the world. However, just understanding why dreams happen is only part of the story. The rest has been left out for all of us that are considered average people. These so-called genius people most of the time don’t even realize what they are doing, using dreams to their advantage. They just do it automatically because of the way they think. I know what you are thinking at this point. Why and how does this small-time blogger know something that only the greatest minds in history use automatically? My answer is a simple one. I never said only the smartest people understand this, I said they are the ones that automatically use this without thinking about it. We, on the other hand, must learn to think differently to achieve these answers.

     Let me start with the title to this article, “Dreams carry their own form of logic”. To explain this in layman’s terms, No matter how crazy your dreams are, while you are in them, they make complete sense. You could have a head of a gorilla and the body of a mouse and as long as you are in the dream, this seems to be normal. You might be able to run ten miles in ten seconds, and that is normal as well. Once you wake from the dream, everything is, at best, unusual and at worse absolutely absurd. Why would you dream of such craziness with no rhyme or reason? First off, there is a reason. Your dreams may not make sense, but they are mostly crafted from things you have seen, heard about or even thought about that day and sometimes longer periods of time. For example, watching a horror movie, reading a funny book or just random thoughts throughout the day all jumbled into one scene. In other words, you may have gone to the zoo, watched a comedy television show and studied for a science test all in one day. The sights, sounds and experiences you have been through or thought of that day have all been thrown together in your brain and all showing up at once in a weird dream that night.

      Your worries, successes, conversations and even random thoughts through the day can all be thrown together in one dream. In a lot of ways, this is your brain reliving your day. It also is a way for your brain to figure out a problem that you need an answer to. The second part of that last sentence is where the logic truly lies. In one way, we can think the dream is logical while you are in it, whereas it is completely crazy once you wake up. But if we look at it a little differently, the logic comes in the form of answering the questions you seek. If we think in these terms, then we can search our dreams for the answers we need. If our brain is finding these answers while we sleep, and we learn to find the answers in our dreams, then we can train ourselves to put forth the questions we have and retrieve the answers when we wake up.

       In a round about way, I have just let you in on the secret of the title and the header from above. And now you should be able to see how understanding both of these concepts and training ourselves (our minds) to use both of these together, we can help ourselves in great ways. When I talked about how the smartest people in the world use this without even knowing it, this is true in many ways. These people think along different lines than most of us. Did they train themselves to do so? The answer is a simple, no. These people have always thought along different lines. This is normal to them. We look at and think of them as geniuses where even though they seem so much smarter than you and me, the truth of the matter is they are just thinking differently. With enough practice and will power, we can train ourselves to also think along these lines. We were born with the same brains as they were. There are multitudes of highly educated people who have come to learn these concepts while studying to be a therapist. This same therapist are the ones you go to learn what your dreams mean.

Someone writing out E=MC on a chalkboard

       Here’s the question you have to ask yourself now. Are you willing to change who you are to live with all the answers you seek? Sounds good right? Be careful how you answer. As I said above, this will change who you are. If you’re happy being you, then don’t go overboard with this concept. Instead, just learn to put forth your questions to yourself before going to sleep. Don’t dwell on these questions, keeping you awake. Just ask yourself a question and let it go. Your brain will work on the solution while your body rest. Pay attention to your dreams, look past all the craziness and only search for the answer to the question you asked yourself. The answer is there. Your brain has found the solution already. Let this solution come out, and don’t distract yourself because you had a gorilla head and the body of a mouse. Look farther and find out you, with your gorilla head and mouse body, were writing out a math problem on a chalkboard. If you look at the answer at the bottom of the chalkboard, you discover that was actually the answer you were seeking while building the deck on your house and having trouble with the solution to a measurement going around that certain place in the building process.

       You can always go to a therapist to learn what your dreams mean. I support this decision, and in no way would I suggest different. These people are trained to sort out your dreams for you. These times are when you need help with the whole dream and not just part of it. What I am suggesting here is not figuring out a whole dream, but just a small part that answers certain questions you seek the answers to.

      I know this is a lot to take in and some will even say that I am full of fluff but I have one more thing to tell you before I end this post. The answers that I have suggested here all came from posting these questions to myself before sleeping. I have searched for these answers for quite some time. With pieces and parts over several sleep sessions. This is what I have learned from putting the questions to myself before sleeping. After coming to these conclusions for myself, I have tested my solutions over a few years. I have found it works and has helped me in many ways including some of the post I have written, even this one here.

      I have worked on this post for a long time and have finally decided to write it out. Furthermore, I hope in some way that I have helped you find the answers that you seek. Take care and as always Remember, we are all in this together.