short stories

What makes us who we are?

What does make us who we are? Heritage would be one. Our family structures. Someone we looked up to while growing up. Who was that for you? Mom, dad, brother, sister. Maybe it was an aunt, uncle or one of your grandparents. No matter who it was for you, the question is, was that person a good influence or bad in your life?

In my case, it was a toss up between my stepdad and my grandfather.  They were both very honorable, standup men. I got lucky. Others are not so lucky, and their choice of whom to follow may not be the greatest person to follow.

Of course, education helps define who we are. When I say education, I mean learning hands on as well as book learning. The old adage is book smarts and street smarts. I’m more on the lines of street smarts I guess because even though I have a fair amount of book smarts, I have always learned more on the go.

Furthermore, we have to add if something tragic happened in your life, especially if it were at a young age. I have seen some with tragedy in their lives do very well and others not so well.

Sign laying on a desk  with you got this printed on it
Be who you want to be

In all the cases I have presented, you have a choice how to respond to the things in your life, whether good or bad. What are you going to do about it? Are you going to follow the good influences or bad? Are you going to get back up after a tragedy, or wallow in self-pity?

Again I ask, “What makes you who you are?”. I believe this is self-evident,  You are who you make yourself! Now go out there and tackle this world and give it everything you got. I’m with you, Remember, we are all in this together.