The solution to any problem is within your reach

Most of the time people quit on things just as the breakthrough is within grasp. In life we go through many ups and downs. Of course if you are on the upside, everything is great and you are willing to do anything to keep it going. What about when you are on the downside?

This is very important especially if you are a teenager or a young adult. It does work with any age but usually people in their thirties and up have learned this lesson. Some learn it the easy way, unfortunately most of us learn this the hard way.

Are you ready to hear this very simple but also very wise lesson? No matter what your project is, whether it be learning a new skill or figuring out a complex situation that you find yourself in, it all comes down to a simple concept. When you are closest to the solution of the problem you face, it will be at the point when it is the hardest for you. This is why there are so many that quit just as they are about to solve the problem.

Lady Rock climbing almost to the top of the mountain

The more you struggle with a problem, the greater the reward is when you solve it. Anything that comes easy is just there. No big deal because you didn’t have to struggle to get it. However, if you struggle mightily and stick to your guns until the solution presents itself, this my friends will be a great reward for body, mind and soul.

Another way to look at this is someone that wants to be the best at something they are practicing to do. It doesn’t matter if it’s playing guitar,becoming a football star, being a great ballet dancer or becoming a great motivational speaker. It all comes down to working hard and following through to the end. It takes the bumps and bruises to accomplish great things.

Female ballet dancer practicing

So when you feel like you are at the end of your rope with whatever it is you are trying to accomplish, that’s the time to push your hardest.  That is the time when the breakthrough is within reach and you are about to solve the great feat you are faced with.

You can cry, yell and stomp your feet if you want but don’t let go because it became difficult. Push harder, farther and use all of your talents to finish what you have started. Your so close and I want to see you receive the great joy of accomplishment. I believe you can and I want you to start believing you can. Now go finish it and Remember, we are all in this together.

Shepards are leaders / sheep can only follow

     Don’t be fooled, we can change the  world given enough like-minded people working together. One of the things I hate are those that follow blindly and don’t form their own views. Why choose what others want? I believe that we all matter, not just the chosen few. Take some time and meditate on that simple concept.

Sheppard tends his sheep

It always amazes me to hear someone complain the organization they are with, or the government does something they don’t like. However, when asked if they attended the meeting to choose board members or if they voted in the election,  the answer is no. Are you kidding me? If you aren’t part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem. 

Let me know what you think… Please, before you speak, think. I don’t want anyone to look like an idiot. YOU Do Matter!! Stand up and make the difference. If you decide just to follow the rest of the flock, then don’t complain when it doesn’t go your way! Remember,  we are all in this together.