We must continue maturing

As a male, the number one reason to get into trouble, especially during our teen years, is to impress a female. So this would draw the question, why are teen girls drawn to the bad boys? This can be explained within the “boring rule”. The good boys are boring, where the boys who get into trouble bring excitement, even though, they also bring trouble to those who hang around them.

Young adult mail with handcuffs on

As we get into our twenties, things change. Most young women start figuring out that the bad boys will not be able or willing to do what it takes to get them what they want out of life. Young men still want to go out and be crazy but young women want the males to grow up and become family men, taking care of them and giving them the finer things in life. Things like a family, a nice house and enough money to take vacations every year are very important as a female starts into her twenties.

Here is where the times are becoming hard for the boys/men. Males are expected to act a certain way to attract females in their teenage years, just to see these same girls end up with the boring boys later in life. The so called boring boys are the ones working to get good grades and ultimately end up with the good jobs which later turn into what girls want as they become young women.

Young girl sitting down and Young woman kneeling

It is very true that girls mature faster than boys usually.  There are always the stand outs of course. There are males that mature quickly, usually because they are forced to. It could be a death of their father or older brother that makes them step up much quicker in life. Military is also a great way to learn how to grow up quickly. On the other hand, there are girls that refuse to grow up because they have fallen into the wrong crowd or something happened to them at a younger age. Drugs can also play a major role in this along with abuse in the family.

I have noticed that the gap in mature rate between males and females have started to close up in recent years. This is due to changes in society. The whole fabric of human existence seems like it has been torn and it’s very sad to see. Alot of girls are slowing down their mature rate and alot of boys are no longer maturing at all. Why do you think this is happening more today then in years before? I believe it has become socially acceptable. We are no longer holding young adults to the higher standards we once did.

Unless we bring back some “old school thought” into our society, I believe we will see more and more problems as we go forward. It is okay and a good thing to have our fun time, but there is a time to step up and take responsibility for our actions. The more times we give our society a pass on these responsibilities, the fewer people that will actually mature at a time that is needed. Where will we be when there are no more mature adults? Not in a good place my friends.

Teach your children the responsibilities of there actions as they grow into young adults and let’s keep society with both kids and grownups and not just kids trying to figure things out without any adults to look up to. Take care out there and Remember, we are all in this together.