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Pain dealt with using humor

Try to laugh (I don’t mean fake laugh, I mean a true laugh) and think about being miserable at the same time.

     A person in pain with no sense of humor is a miserable person indeed. However, a person in pain that has a sense of humor, may still be in pain, but is able to deal with it a lot easier. Is it not true that laughter is the best medicine? Try to laugh (I don’t mean fake laugh, I mean a true laugh) and think about being miserable at the same time. Can’t do it, can you? You are trying to cause two opposite emotions to invade the same place at the same time. So a person who has a great sense of humor has a hard time not laughing at something or someone that is funny, even if he or she is in pain at the time. This in turn will, even if for just a few seconds, will allow the pain to be forgotten. This few seconds are worth a million bucks to someone who lives with pain all the time.

Laughing baby

     As someone who deals with pain on a daily basis, I am always looking for the next laugh. Heck, there are days that a small chuckle would be worth its weight in gold to me. The days that I can’t find something to laugh about are the worst days by far. Now I’m not saying I have a great sense of humor, I’m saying I have a great sense of humor for me. Everyone has a different kind of humor, but we all started out with the same kind. You heard me right, have you ever seen a baby’s first laugh? Anyone who can watch a baby laugh and not smile themselves, has completely forgotten whatever sense of humor they ever possessed. How many baby’s have you known that never laughed? I will await your answer……

Okay, I’m done waiting. We must move on now. So since we all agree that as babies, we have a sense of humor, then where did some of us lose it? Was it a bad childhood, something happened after growing up, or was it trained out of us? That is a question you must answer for yourself. I had a few years that my humor left me, it was the heartbreak of divorce. It took a few years for me to locate it again, and oh, how I missed my old friend (humor). Once I allowed my humor back into my life, my whole life returned to me. Shortly afterwards, the love of my life entered my life, and we have been married now for twenty-two years and still going strong. It was up to me to allow my humor back and because I did, the pain I once went through with heartbreak has now been replaced by the love of my life. Why must I tell you this, easy, because I want to show that it is very possible to regain the humor you may have lost somewhere along your lifespan.

After getting injured during a mining accident, even though it caused a physical pain and not heartbreak, I find my humor helpful. The days that are my worst are the ones without a good laugh. Now I look for ways to laugh every day, regardless how bad the pain is. It works, my friends, it really does!

Lady sitting in chair, with hands on her head, looking very happy.

The whole point of this post is to let you know, pain exist, and it hurts, but humor does help. No matter what you are going through in life, a little laugh now and then can only help. It most definitely won’t hurt. You don’t need to be happy all the time, and humor won’t fix a broken heart or broken bone. It will, however, make the situation a little easier to deal with. I leave you with this final thought, why not take humor for a spin and see if it helps you? Take care my friends and remember to smile, besides it takes more muscles in your face to frown.

By C.S.I

United States Navy veteran, over the road truck driver, welder, plumber, truck driver trainer, sign installer and haulage truck driver for copper mine. After injury in mine (which retired me early in life) I am now blogging the wisdom I have learned through life, with hope of helping others using common sense and old school thought.

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I definitely think humor helps you get through difficult times. If I’m in a funk and something makes me laugh, I do feel better for a little while.

You are exactly right. It’s changing a feeling, even if for a short time. Thank you for reading and for your comment. Cheers

I can relate to this post.
A month ago, I accidentally hit the glass insert in the front door and the broken glass cut my wrist. My 5 yo daughter asked if we were going to the hospital first as it was bleeding badly. I said no, she had to go to kindergarten first, so after a super quick first aid, I took her to kindergarten. By the time we got there, I had become so bad that my godmother offered to drive me to the A&E and tried to make me laugh at the situation. At the A&E I had a casual chat with the doctor and I got a huge bandage. After that, my friends kept asking if I wanted to commit suicide which was hurtful at first, but I laughed it off later. My daughter came home the day after the accident and she said that my bandage looked nasty, because it was plain white on top and blood stained where the wound was, so she grabbed a box of Disney Frozen plasters to decorate it. It still hurts and scar looks ugly but I do believe that laughing it off made the healing process more tolerable.

It sounds like, not only laughter, but your daughter’s concern and love for you made a huge difference. Most people don’t see where laughter comes into play. Even though you were in great pain and worry, I’m sure some small laughs helped with the pain. I hope you feel better, and make sure your daughter keeps her bandages ready for you. Also, give her a big hug from all of us out here. Thank you so much for your comments.

Such a thought provoking post, thank you for sharing.
The times I’ve been in constant pain for a short time, after a couple of surgeries, have made me really think about what it must be like long term. Being in pain everyday must be such a challenge to stay positive and find the humour in life.
Well done to you ❤️

Thank you so much for reading. To answer your comment, it is a challenge every day. Some days humor is all there is. I always think of those that have it much worse and am thankful for my blessings. Thank you for your comment

It’s great that you have been able to smile and laugh in the mist of pain and suffering. Everyone takes things differently for sure. I enjoyed reading your your perspective and agree it helps to be lighthearted but it may be hard to all the time. Thank you for sharing. ☺️

Pastor Natalie (ExamineThisMoment)

I never said it would always be easy, but if we learn to use it, help will be closer to one’s reach. A light heart beats a hardened one every time. Thank you for your comment.

Billy, it’s always been one of you best traits to be able to laugh through pain and heartbreak. I’ve always said that about you

Thank you. I have always tried to do just that! Sometimes it is harder than others, but I do my best. Thanks for the comment.

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