Sounds of nature remind me, I’m still alive

Of all the different birds that I have heard sing, the “whip-poor-will” has the most beautiful sound to my ears.

I realize that is a strange title to start off with, but, there is a lot of truth to it. I wake up every day not knowing if this is my last day, minute or even second to be amongst the living of our fair earth. This doesn’t bother me, it just makes me wonder if I have done all that I’m supposed to do before the time comes for me to move on. I listen to nature because it relaxes me and lets me know, for that amount of time, that I am alive and still have some time left to accomplish what I need to.

Lady walking on a log in the forest

The trees are a great source of sounds. There is the rustle of the leaves, the creak of a branch about to give way, and the peace that comes from listening to small animals feet along the branches. Other sounds are just as important in nature but, the trees seems to be the foundation of what I feel and understand. This may be strange to some people, I guess because, a tree just stands there in its majestic awesomeness. To me, they are so much more than just sticks coming from the ground. They have great meaning to me and most other country folks as well. Other sources of nature seem to always lead me back to the trees.

Creatures of all the wooded land have their own sounds that most people miss when they are in the countryside. Of course, the birds are always noticed but, the different songs of the birds are seldom distinguish one from the other. Of all the different birds that I have heard sing, the “whip-poor-will” has the most beautiful sound to my ears. If you have never heard of this bird, don’t feel bad, most people haven’t. Take a few minutes and look this bird up. Maybe you can find some audio to hear his song. You won’t be disappointed.

Squirrel on a oak tree

When I notice other creatures of the forest, the playful squirrels sound amazing in the loose leaves of the forest floor. Running this way and that, storing the nuts and seeds for the long winter ahead. If you take time, sit down and lean against a mighty oak tree, these little furry creatures can bring you hours of enjoyment.

The soft crunch of the frozen leaves in the winter time of the deer slowly making their way to the water hole is a sound like none other. If you are lucky enough to get a glimpse of them in the wild, your heart will speed up tenfold! They are a wondrous sight to see.

Deer walking in the snow

No forest would be true without the running of a spring, creek or river cutting through the soil and rocks. The trickling of the water as it makes its way downhill is awesome. And where the water starts rushing to its destination will have you in awe. A waterfall is an added bonus, not only of the site but, the sound will capture your spirit and allow you to wonder off into a daydream like none other. Amazing how water like that will capture your full attention, but, water from the faucet in your home is just an everyday sound.

River running through the woods

I have mentioned a few of the many sounds I enjoy, and yes they do remind me I am alive and still here. So many people miss what nature has to offer, and that is a true shame. I live in the country, and it would be very hard for me to live in the city, however if I were in the city, I would still find the sounds of nature. It may be more difficult there but, I know there would be a park somewhere close that I could get back to the nature I so love.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my little journey through nature. I welcome your feedback and feel free to share this with your friends and neighbors. Take care, God bless and as always remember, we are all in this together.

By C.S.I

United States Navy veteran, over the road truck driver, welder, plumber, truck driver trainer, sign installer and haulage truck driver for copper mine. After injury in mine (which retired me early in life) I am now blogging the wisdom I have learned through life, with hope of helping others using common sense and old school thought.

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Lovely. I enjoy the sounds of nature and I can spend a few hours just sitting and watching baby ducks swim around. It brings me peace. I live in a city and the man-made sounds can get overwhelming. But I get to enjoy the hummingbirds bicker about who owns the feeders, the bees buzz around completely in their own world oblivious to the hummers squabble. I hope more people slow down and enjoy these things too.

Thank you so much. It is very true how nature can bring one peace. We as a society have gotten away from the peace of nature. With everyone so worried about getting to the next place before someone else, it’s a real shame. There is a small percentage of people today that truly enjoy what is right in front of them. I am glad you are one of those chosen few. Take care, I hope to hear from you again sometime.

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