I said patience!!!

I thought I had great patience, however like most Americans, I don’t have as much as I thought. I am learning to be a little more patient because of this blogging thing I have going on now.

Man leaning over table,  gripping table with left hand, shaking right fist and screaming angrily
This is not patience

I have learnd that one letter or number put wrong in the wrong spot, can cost hours upon hours to fix unless you have the gift or training to find your mistake. I do not possess this quality on either side of that coin. I’m a learn as you go kinda guy. This learn as you go thing is not a great thing to have when dealing with computers.

I have made a total of three mistakes since I have started this blog that have cost me enormous hours of work trying to fix. I will get one thing fixed just to mess things up somewhere else. 

Where am I going with this? Well other than the complaining I mean. I want to tell you that losing your patience with something is no reason to quit! If I had given up any one of those times, my blog would’ve ended right there. Instead, I buckled down, did a few chats with the computer geniuses and kept going.  There is always a solution, you just have to keep going and trying different things until something works.

Why the exclamation points in the title you ask? That was what I caught myself yelling at myself earlier today just before I figured out the solution to the mistake I made night before last. Of course that wasn’t the whole sentence, there were a few choice words also used, but I’m trying to keep this a G rated blog or at least PG.

Man in a yellow raincoat standing on a bridge fishing in the rain, waiting for that first bite
This is patience

As a recap I want to ask you a question. How long is your patience? I think the answer to that question is, how important is it to you? This blog is important to me. I want it to be the best one of its kind. How long is my patience? I have yet to find the end of it. I may get upset, throw my hands in the air and yell out some profanities but afterwards, I’m right back to work.

Learning to be patient is a life long lesson but given enough attention, it can lead to life long dreams. Take care and Remember, we are all in this together.

Published by C.S.I

United States Veteran. Spent time as over the road truck driver and copper miner. Trying my hand at blogging since retired due to becoming disabled working in copper mine.

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