Why are people so mean?

We all have a certain mean streak in us. I believe some people have an easier time showing their mean streak than others. Well, thats the nice way of saying it anyway. Now let’s dig into what I truly believe. I like to look at this in another way. Everyone has kindness in them somewhere. It may be a very tiny little bit but it’s there. Most mean people are lacking something and I would venture to believe it is because they have a low opinion of themselves. Why should anyone possess this low opinion of themselves? Alot of the time it is because someone they looked up to told them they are not as good or as smart as someone else which ultimately causes jealousy.

One teenager shoving another teenager up against a brick wall and yelling at him

Jealousy can cause great anger in somebody that has been knocked down by someone they admired. Now this could include mental and/or physical abuse. If no one steps up and helps this person, it could turn into something terrible. Maybe it’s terrible for themselves but could also lead into abuse or worse of someone else. Either way, it’s not good. I believe a kind word at the right time to someone in this situation could spark the kindness that has been buried deep inside just looking for the light to flicker so it can shine.

I’m not saying there aren’t pure evil people out there but I have never seen a newborn baby showing evil before. Something in this person happened after they were born.

Some people do have psychological problems and need special attention but that doesn’t explain to me how someone could become pure evil. Evil enough to do evil things to others (especially children). Next time you feel the need to tear someone down or hurt them in some way, think about it, you may be helping create a monster. That’s how I feel. Remember, we are all in this together.

Published by C.S.I

United States Veteran. Spent time as over the road truck driver and copper miner. Trying my hand at blogging since retired due to becoming disabled working in copper mine.

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