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Scars bring back memories

As a teenager and indestructible as I thought I was, the thought never crossed my mind of the dangers I was putting myself, my dad’s garage/mechanic’s business in.

Speck on a marble in a universe

We are but a speck riding on a marble tumbling around in one of many universes and yet, we are truly spectacular. We hold the glory of the one whom created it all.

What is your beauty?

Beauty is all around us at all times. We must slow down long enough to embrace  and enjoy it.

Fantasy vs Reality

The fastest way to get over a fantasy is with a dose of reality.

Bring back God, save our Nation

What happened to the world I grew up in? Are all the good times really over? Is their any hope left for mankind?

Hopeful vs lucky

Without hope, we are just like dust in the wind, ( no meaning and without direction ).

Power within you

You never know what you can do until the situation is presented to you.

Good person (after dead)

Either show up at my funeral and speak the truth, be quiet or don’t show up at all.

Teaching without knowledge?

I have found multiple times where teachers are teaching subjects that they themselves don’t understand.

Freedom of choice

No amount of man made freedom can give you the freedom you were automatically given at birth
by God.

Panic is useless

The person who can put aside the panic and look for a way out, has the greatest chance of survival

Don’t want to know? Don’t ask!

Even if I am trying not to offend someone, a lie is still a lie. It doesn’t matter how small the lie, if I’m telling it, that makes me a lier.

Lead the followers

Leaders are not born into leadership, leaders are created by the leader themselves

Suicide, the selfish way out

When someone takes their own life, the healing cannot and will not ever be there for the loved ones. There will be a hurt that will never ease in anyway.

Living and life

You have to learn how to enjoy life even when things are at their worst.

Scary teacher

“Actually, I was looking at the road, it just happened to be out of your window!”

Doubt your Doubts

This, my friends,is going to be fun to write. I get excited every time I think about the concept I will be teaching today. Everything yesterday, today and in the future deals with two basic concepts, positive and negative. No matter what it is we deal with in life, we are still creatures of theseContinue reading “Doubt your Doubts”

We must continue maturing

As a male, the number one reason to get into trouble, especially during our teen years, is to impress a female. So this would draw the question, why are teen girls drawn to the bad boys? This can be explained within the “boring rule”. The good boys are boring, where the boys who get intoContinue reading “We must continue maturing”

Thoughts for my readers

When I write a post, these  are either what I believe in and/or what I have lived through. I always leave my post open for not only agreeing with me but also for those that disagree. I wanted to write this today because I think some have gotten the wrong impressions of why I writeContinue reading “Thoughts for my readers”

man in black long sleeve shirt lying on gray couch

Surrounded yet alone

Depression is very real. It comes from all directions, in many different ways and with many different levels. Others that pay attention to their friends and family, can see when depression is starting but many times, the person with the symptoms, don’t know it’s coming or even real. They just feel like it’s just aContinue reading “Surrounded yet alone”

My dad in blue suit

Father’s vs Daddy’s

I believe we need to change the name from Father’s Day to Daddy’s Day. This is something that I have always believed. I think if you read on, you may understand where I’m coming from. What is a father? According to the dictionary it is: a man in relation to his child or children. This isContinue reading “Father’s vs Daddy’s”

four women by the bridge

Your words are powerful

The strongest power you have is your words. Be careful how you use them. Words can make or break you. Worse yet, your words can help or hurt others. I know you have heard the old adage, “Sticks and stones can break my bones but words (names) can never hurt me.” The first part isContinue reading “Your words are powerful”

person with difficulty and questions in studies

When ideas meet paper

I never really know what I will write about until I sit down and get started. Most bloggers can write story after story without stumbling, but I must get inspired at the exact moment of pen hitting paper, or in this case, fingers hitting keys. I have plenty of stories to tell, however I wantContinue reading “When ideas meet paper”

One woman scolding other woman

Don’t get offended

Why are you worrying about what others think of you? Are you secure in who you are or not? Are you going to let the ignorant or stupid people control and destroy you? In today’s world, it’s hard to speak of anything because someone somewhere is going to to be offended. It doesn’t matter whatContinue reading “Don’t get offended”

red ford mustang

Teens will be Teens

One of my friends that I ran around with and got into trouble with was Eugene. There were a few others, however Eugene seemed to be the one that helped me create some of my greatest,craziest and fondest memories. To say my teenage years were interesting would be an understatement. I grew up on aContinue reading “Teens will be Teens”

young diverse men harassing female on street

Why the drama!?

Why so many people want all the drama in their lives is beyond my comprehension. Certain people seem to thrive on drama and feel without it, there’s no satisfaction in their lives. People that live with drama all the time get to the point where they have to have it to be happy. These peopleContinue reading “Why the drama!?”

Who’s helping me?

“Who’s going to help me this time?” Have you ever said or thought this way? Maybe the answer is simpler than you think. Everyone needs help sometimes but getting it can be a dangerous thing. Maybe you are taking this ‘help me’ attitude thing too far. Have you ever thought maybe you should be theContinue reading “Who’s helping me?”

Don’t stop learning

It doesn’t matter what age you are, we are still learning. If you believe that you have learned enough about anything, it’s time to start learning something new today. Years ago I met a wise man while I was an over the road truck driver. He too was a truck driver probably three times myContinue reading “Don’t stop learning”

You are not forgotten

VKCW-GPTXAJ-57AMI am republishing this post from April 13th 2021 in honor of our fallen heroes for Memorial day. Although this post is a little different than most Memorial day post you may see, I believe this must also be recognized during this very important holiday. Please indulge me in this short read. God Bless theContinue reading “You are not forgotten”

Don’t quit now

Most of the time people quit on things just as the breakthrough is within grasp. In life we go through many ups and downs. Of course if you are on the upside, everything is great and you are willing to do anything to keep it going. What about when you are on the downside? ThisContinue reading “Don’t quit now”

16 sweet or not

I know it sounds mean to some but once a child becomes sixteen, they are on their own choosing who he or she will become. Until this age, parents can still teach their children right from wrong. After fifteen, it just turns into war! We all know that when a kid hits their teens, theyContinue reading “16 sweet or not”

Winds of change

The winds of change are upon you. When are you going to wake up and make a change? There isn’t anything holding you back but air, hence the title. I wanted to talk to all the people out there that are constantly complaining about this or that. The government is taking all my rights away.Continue reading “Winds of change”

Selfish or No

When was the last time you did something for someone else just to bless them? I’m not talking about your kids or significant other, which of course is nice but also usually expected. I’m talking about your neighbor, the police man at your kids school or someone you have never met before. I know thereContinue reading “Selfish or No”

Enjoy the age you are

Enjoy the age you are. Life goes by quickly! It’s funny how the older you get how time goes by so much faster! Truth is, time stays the same but we change. The older we get, the more we pay attention to time. Why is this? I believe I have the answer. I was talkingContinue reading “Enjoy the age you are”

Conquer and Succeed

The more you succeed, the more mountains you must conquer. This is true with anyone that has been successful. Once you climb a mountain to success, there is always another in front of you that must be conquered. If you conquer one mountain and stop, are you successful? The answer to this riddle is no.Continue reading “Conquer and Succeed”

Backup & Punt

Some of my readers may have never heard the phrase “If all else fails, back up and punt.” I promise most of the sports enthusiasts out there, especially those into American football,  have heard and understand this wisdom. For those of you that don’t understand,  I will try and explain this great wisdom.  First off,Continue reading “Backup & Punt”

Reflection of reality

What if we are just the reflection of someone else’s reality. Have you ever stepped back and wandered why you did something even though you knew it was wrong? We have free will. We make our own choices. We do right or wrong knowing it’s right or wrong. So why do we do what weContinue reading “Reflection of reality”

How to win a argument

First off, you can win a discussion. You can win a debate. You cannot win a argument. This is because once a discussion or debate becomes a argument, there is no logical conclusion. Even if all the facts you have presented are found to be true, the other person is too upset to see them.Continue reading “How to win a argument”

Do you have a kind spirit?

Are you a kind person? Do you care about others as much or more than  yourself. Are you the most important person in the room and see others as beneath your superiority? These are questions that if you are not asking yourself,  maybe you should. Everyone on this planet is different.  There are no twoContinue reading “Do you have a kind spirit?”

Family or Relatives?

When does family become just relatives? This I believe is a great question.  People of all walks of life view this question extremely differently. Some believe once you say family, it includes all the people that are in your ancestry. Others feel family means the people related to you that are still alive. Others considerContinue reading “Family or Relatives?”

Handshake will do

Do you remember when a handshake was all that was needed? I remember when I was a kid growing up in Missouri, watching my dad do many business deals with nothing more than a handshake. At the time it didn’t seem like much of an undertaking.  I mean everybody in them parts had a contractContinue reading “Handshake will do”

I said patience!!!

I thought I had great patience, however like most Americans, I don’t have as much as I thought. I am learning to be a little more patient because of this blogging thing I have going on now. I have learnd that one letter or number put wrong in the wrong spot, can cost hours uponContinue reading “I said patience!!!”

Crossroads again?

I know you have heard the term, I’m at a crossroads in my life. To this I have to laugh.  If a crossroads in your life isn’t just ahead, well you must be pushing up daisies. We as humans are at a so called crossroads everyday of our lives. Every day when you wake up, youContinue reading “Crossroads again?”

Why are people so mean?

We all have a certain mean streak in us. I believe some people have an easier time showing their mean streak than others. Well, thats the nice way of saying it anyway. Now let’s dig into what I truly believe. I like to look at this in another way. Everyone has kindness in them somewhere.Continue reading “Why are people so mean?”

Calm down supervisor

  I feel the need to write about supervisors and their health today. I have worked for a variety of people through my long working history and have seen many supervisors react to various situations. There are ones who take things as they come and others who go into full blown panic mode.  To beContinue reading “Calm down supervisor”

Listen to your elders

       It’s funny and sad how we think about the well-being of others but don’t take better care of ourselves. Why is this? I am guilty of this myself. I catch myself looking for a reason to help others and in the same turn, I am horrible about taking care of myself.  IContinue reading “Listen to your elders”

What about tomorrow

         I have had the conversation about tomorrow with my children many times. This is what I’m talking about, we have lived the past and we are now living the present but tomorrow never comes. Let me explain further.  Everyone understands the first two parts about the past and present,  however the third partContinue reading “What about tomorrow”

Your opinions matter

I’ll give it to you !!!!          Have you ever heard the saying (Opinions are like buttholes, everyone has one and they all stink!)? This is true in some cases but I’m here to say your opinion matters. Don’t let the right, the left or anybody else tell you otherwise. Wake upContinue reading “Your opinions matter”

Shepard not sheep

     Don’t be fooled, we can change the  world given enough like minded people working together. One of the things I hate are those that follow blindly and don’t form their own views. Why choose what others want? I believe that we all matter not just the chosen few. Take some time and meditateContinue reading “Shepard not sheep”

How am I seen by others?

      How am I seen by others”? I think a better question is “How do I see myself”? Have you ever just studied yourself in the mirror? Don’t lie, we all have. The outer appearance you possess is not what I’m talking about. It’s your inner self that matters.  Think about this, weContinue reading “How am I seen by others?”

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