Glad to be alive

Today I can say, I am glad to be alive!

Days seem to go by faster and faster as we get older. You wake up, go to work, go home, eat dinner, go to bed and then start all over again. Unless it’s the weekend, days just seem to drone on. The weekend goes by like a flash, then back to work we go. I’m not saying that you don’t enjoy your job, but isn’t there more to life? Of course there is! The problem is, most people never find out what life’s about until age becomes a factor that slows the process down.

Retired husband and wife enjoying the day together with a cup of coffee

Do we have to wait until we retire to enjoy life? Why do things appear to be so different when retirement shows up? When we are working, we look forward to retirement. When we retire, we wish we once again were back at work. This may not be the feelings of all who read this, but a great majority will completely agree with it. We rush through life to that small part of our life when available, then we take a look back. All of our conversations start by talking of things in our past.

When will civilization figure out to enjoy the part of life we are in, and stop trying to rush though it? I myself ended up retiring early because of an accident at work that left me disabled. Every day I think of how it was to go to work, and do what I was so good at. Here I am, retired, and yet my enjoyment seems to be in the past. I tell my stories of things I did, and witnessed back then. I forget to enjoy the day that I’m in. Furthermore, I wonder if my best days of happiness and being of use are behind me. There seems to be a fog, or veil in front of me with the sun always at my back. I’m not a rich man, so I can’t go do things I would like to do. All the time I have wasted to get to this point, and the best I can think of is what movie I may watch. When did I lose the enjoyment of life?

Then there are days like today. Nothing is really different except for my perception of the things around me. I walk outside and there is a light breeze. Some small clouds moving through the sky. Birds are singing and the leaves on the trees are rustling. What is different about today? Why is it today I feel so alive and happy. Were these same things happening yesterday and the day before? Yes, almost exactly as today. Why then is today such a happy day? Why is my heart beating a little faster? Why today, I ask myself, why today?

Today is different, for I am different today. My perception of things around me has changed today. I am happy, because I choose to be happy. I am enjoying today, because I choose to enjoy it. Furthermore, I am living to the fullness of life today. It is a beautiful day. Today, I am a happy person in all parts of my life. I write to you, and I can almost feel your eyes upon these words. The more I write, the more I feel a little more of my soul being poured out over these words.

Will I be this happy tomorrow? This I will have to wait and see. Should I be this happy tomorrow? The answer is up to me. If I choose to be happy, I will be, and that is the way it should be. Most of the time, our feelings are in our control. This does not hold 100% of the time, but I would venture that 85% of the time, we feel hoe we want at that moment in life. Are you willing to wake up happy tomorrow, or will you just live the old rotten feeling one more day of your life?

Lady smiling at herself in a mirror

Life is too short to live it, one miserable day at a time. Try to make it a happy day, and see how much better things can be, even if there are bumps along the way. Let’s all have a great day tomorrow and continue this trend every day. Take care, my friends.

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  1. This really gave me a lot to think about. With PTSD, I sometimes find it difficult to control the FEELINGS, but Iā€™m working hard daily to control the REACTIONS, and to turn the feelings into more manageable, rational thoughts.

    1. I really do hope this helps. I understand what you are going through. I have written some different post along the same lines. I don’t want to go into detail how I know, but these are things that do help. If you would like something else to try, Google “mindfulness”. If you haven’t heard of it, I can say it has helped me with things. Take care, I wish you the best, my friend. Thank you for reading and taking time to respond. Keep in mind, we are all in this together!

  2. ā€œ Should I be this happy tomorrow? The answer is up to me.ā€ šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ”„ Thank you for sharing this beautifully written blog post. Fabulous.

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