I love you but…..

The thought of divorce has caused overwhelming fear of commitment.

Thoughts for my readers

When I write a post, these  are either what I believe in and/or what I have lived through. I always leave my post open for not only agreeing with me but also for those that disagree. I wanted to write this today because I think some have gotten the wrong impressions of why I writeContinue reading “Thoughts for my readers”

Dad did doughnuts in my car!

This is an adventure I had with one of my friends that I ran around with in my teen years. Kevin and I were and still are good friends. Unlike me, he is still in the Missouri Ozarks. This is a place I still have great memories of and still miss a great deal. In theContinue reading “Dad did doughnuts in my car!”

Surrounded yet alone

Depression is very real. It comes from all directions, in many different ways and with many different levels. Others that pay attention to their friends and family, can see when depression is starting but many times, the person with the symptoms, don’t know it’s coming or even real. They just feel like it’s just aContinue reading “Surrounded yet alone”

Father’s vs Daddy’s

I believe we need to change the name from Father’s Day to Daddy’s Day. This is something that I have always believed. I think if you read on, you may understand where I’m coming from. What is a father? According to the dictionary it is: a man in relation to his child or children. This isContinue reading “Father’s vs Daddy’s”

Use words carefully

The strongest power you have is your words. Be careful how you use them. Words can make or break you. Worse yet, your words can help or hurt others. I know you have heard the old adage, “Sticks and stones can break my bones but words (names) can never hurt me.” The first part isContinue reading “Use words carefully”

Tell me I can’t, Please!!!

The best way to get a positive person to achieve something is to tell them they can’t do it. On the other hand, if you tell a negative person the same thing, they will quit. I refuse to let anybody convince me I can’t accomplish what I strive to do. I will never say somethingContinue reading “Tell me I can’t, Please!!!”

When ideas meet paper

I never really know what I will write about until I sit down and get started. Most bloggers can write story after story without stumbling, but I must get inspired at the exact moment of pen hitting paper, or in this case, fingers hitting keys. I have plenty of stories to tell, however I wantContinue reading “When ideas meet paper”

Don’t get offended

Why are you worrying about what others think of you? Are you secure in who you are or not? Are you going to let the ignorant or stupid people control and destroy you? In today’s world, it’s hard to speak of anything because someone somewhere is going to to be offended. It doesn’t matter whatContinue reading “Don’t get offended”

Teenage years can be interesting

One of my friends that I ran around with and got into trouble with was Eugene. There were a few others, however Eugene seemed to be the one that helped me create some of my greatest,craziest and fondest memories. To say my teenage years were interesting would be an understatement. I grew up on aContinue reading “Teenage years can be interesting”

Why the drama!?

Why so many people want all the drama in their lives is beyond my comprehension. Certain people seem to thrive on drama and feel without it, there’s no satisfaction in their lives. People that live with drama all the time get to the point where they have to have it to be happy. These peopleContinue reading “Why the drama!?”

Who’s helping me?

“Who’s going to help me this time?” Have you ever said or thought this way? Maybe the answer is simpler than you think. Everyone needs help sometimes but getting it can be a dangerous thing. Maybe you are taking this ‘help me’ attitude thing too far. Have you ever thought maybe you should be theContinue reading “Who’s helping me?”

Don’t stay stagnant, learn something new

It doesn’t matter what age you are, we are still learning. If you believe that you have learned enough about anything, it’s time to start learning something new today. Years ago I met a wise man while I was an over the road truck driver. He too was a truck driver probably three times myContinue reading “Don’t stay stagnant, learn something new”

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