Veterans; You are not forgotten

I am republishing this post from April 13th 2021 in honor of our fallen heroes for Memorial day. Although this post is a little different than most Memorial day post you may see, I believe this must also be recognized during this very important holiday. Please indulge me in this short read. God Bless theContinue reading “Veterans; You are not forgotten”

The solution to any problem is within your reach

Most of the time people quit on things just as the breakthrough is within grasp. In life we go through many ups and downs. Of course if you are on the upside, everything is great and you are willing to do anything to keep it going. What about when you are on the downside? ThisContinue reading “The solution to any problem is within your reach”

Sweet sixteen or terrible teen?

I know it sounds mean to some but once a child becomes sixteen, they are on their own choosing who he or she will become. Until this age, parents can still teach their children right from wrong. After fifteen, it just turns into war! We all know that when a kid hits their teens, theyContinue reading “Sweet sixteen or terrible teen?”

You have the power to change

The winds of change are upon you. When are you going to wake up and make a change? There isn’t anything holding you back but air, hence the title. I wanted to talk to all the people out there that are constantly complaining about this or that. The government is taking all my rights away.Continue reading “You have the power to change”

Are you the selfish type?

When was the last time you did something for someone else just to bless them? I’m not talking about your kids or significant other, which of course is nice but also usually expected. I’m talking about your neighbor, the police man at your kids school or someone you have never met before. I know thereContinue reading “Are you the selfish type?”

Enjoy the age you are

Enjoy the age you are. Life goes by quickly! It’s funny how the older you get how time goes by so much faster! Truth is, time stays the same but we change. The older we get, the more we pay attention to time. Why is this? I believe I have the answer. I was talkingContinue reading “Enjoy the age you are”

Conquer and Succeed

The more you succeed, the more mountains you must conquer. This is true with anyone that has been successful. Once you climb a mountain to success, there is always another in front of you that must be conquered. If you conquer one mountain and stop, are you successful? The answer to this riddle is no.Continue reading “Conquer and Succeed”

Change can make us stronger

When I was growing up, or at least until I became a sophomore in high school,  I was always the new kid in class. My dad moved us back and forth from Missouri to Arizona multiple times. My dad worked for the Railroad and the copper mines as a mechanic in Arizona and when theContinue reading “Change can make us stronger”

Backup & Punt

Some of my readers may have never heard the phrase “If all else fails, back up and punt.” I promise most of the sports enthusiasts out there, especially those into American football,  have heard and understand this wisdom. For those of you that don’t understand,  I will try and explain this great wisdom.  First off,Continue reading “Backup & Punt”

Reflection of reality

What if we are just the reflection of someone else’s reality. Have you ever stepped back and wandered why you did something even though you knew it was wrong? We have free will. We make our own choices. We do right or wrong knowing it’s right or wrong. So why do we do what weContinue reading “Reflection of reality”

How to win a argument

First off, you can win a discussion. You can win a debate. You cannot win a argument. This is because once a discussion or debate becomes a argument, there is no logical conclusion. Even if all the facts you have presented are found to be true, the other person is too upset to see them.Continue reading “How to win a argument”

Do you have a kind spirit?

Are you a kind person? Do you care about others as much or more than  yourself. Are you the most important person in the room and see others as beneath your superiority? These are questions that if you are not asking yourself,  maybe you should. Everyone on this planet is different.  There are no twoContinue reading “Do you have a kind spirit?”

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