Where is your road taking you?

Long road going down long hill and back up another

 Have you ever felt like your road goes on forever with no end in sight? That’s great! That means there’s still hope for you. This is known as life.  Ups and downs.  My question to you is “Are you on the top, the bottom or in the middle”? If you are in the middle, are you on the uphill or downhill swing?

Throughout our lives we have our ups and downs and we hope to be on the uphill swing at the end of life. Are you planning your life in order to be on that uphill swing? Everyone’s top of the hill is different.  For some it’s money,  for others it’s simply that your children are happy.  I can’t,  nor should I try to change your opinion on what you believe to be your hilltop. I just want you to look inside yourself and decide what is right for you and don’t let others stop you from reaching your top!

Here’s the trick that alot of people forget. We have no idea how much time we have to reach our goal. Life happens as well as death. You may have eighty-five years or two weeks. So what are we to do with the time we have?

Remember when I asked if you were on the top, the middle or the bottom? Well the bottom is easy,  gotta go up right? The middle is what some would call a cross road meaning it’s your choice.  But what about the top? If you believe that you are at the top then I challenge you to change your goals. That’s right my friends, there is No top to the hill of life.  The only thing that is keeping you from reaching higher is you! If you are content where you are, then your dreams are over.

The proper way to setting goals is setting more goals once you reach your goals. No matter who you are, you have not reached your true potential. If life knocks you down, then get up and go again. If life was easy, it would be boring and I don’t deal in boring. Keep your heads up and keep climbing that hill we call life. I have faith in you and you should too. Till next time, this is your author Billy. Take care out there and remember; We are all in this together!

Published by C.S.I

United States Veteran. Spent time as over the road truck driver and copper miner. Trying my hand at blogging since retired due to becoming disabled working in copper mine.

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